Stigmata Techno Solution LLP


Web Development

Stigmata Techno Solutions is a one of the leading development services. We are catering for performance and cost-effective solutions for our customers. We understand that the development is the trademark of every online business.

Mobile development

We are a mobile application development company having an expertise team strictly dedicated to conceptualize, deliver, and support mobile media solutions for start-ups and leading organizations.

Product Development

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Research and Development

Stigmata Techno Solutions is a research technical consultant of few leading engineering colleges providing effective solutions for social problems. We assure to provide sincerity, technical skills and dedication to achieve on time delivery. We hire the very best and the brightest; innovators, problem solvers, communicators.  We will go the extra mile to give our customers and our implementation partners throughout the world

Training and Development

Stigmata Techno Solutions is promoted by a team of young professionals having vast experience in different domains. Our team members are well qualified and experienced, also having very good recognition in the industry. We provide unique features that are unmatchable in the industry. Our Corporate Training and customized Training for Students and IT professionals is provided by real time professionals with over 5+ years of experience In India. This ensures that students keep best of the latest advances in technology. Our training division is supported by the placement cell which helps the candidates to attend the interview well and become successful.

Social Media analyst

Stigmata Techno Solutions LLP is specialized in social media monitoring. Expertise in campaign tracking, sentiment tracking and breakdowns, alerts and news jacking, influencer and detractor mapping, audience and competitor deep dives and social optimization.

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Our Vision

Our goal at Stigmata Techno Solutions LLP is to innovate and provide advanced, quality products and solutions, along with the industry's leading software development and website designing services, all at affordable prices.

    Stigmata Techno Solutions LLP aims to bring free education and carrier/placement guidance to 10-15 deserving students who thinks money is a barrier for education every year.

    Stigmata Techno Solutions LLP always thinks to bring value & innovations to the society and humanity.

    Stigmata Techno Solutions LLP vision is to build a product for the society and become one of an effective competitor in that vertical.

Therefore, we live and work by a few very simple yet important principles:

    We are dedicated continuously to provide the best software’s, user friendly products, E-Business and web-based services possible to our clients.

    Our customer approach is very straightforward but effective. Our entire staffs are equally responsible for supporting our clients at all times.

    We understand that behind every successful company is a team of very successful people. Stigmata Techno Solutions LLP is fortunate to have a talented team of professionals with the necessary skills and drive to provide our clients with a superior service.

    We believe that people and technologies are the key to our success. Therefore empowering our staff is the key to their performance and ultimately our clients' satisfaction.

    We provide a pleasant, creative and collaborative working environment and encourage team effort through education, growth opportunities and rewards for good performance.

    Pursuing total quality and delivering on our promises is the most critical aspect of Stigmata Techno Solutions LLP. The company mission is to be the best in all the services it does.




Stigmata Techno Solutions LLP is a global service provider of information technology, website designing & development, HR placement centre, Research and Training & Development which was started in the year 2010 as Input Output Solutions by Mr. Arun Deivendran



Mr. Jerome Melkisidak having 8 years of combined experience in software, e-pubslishing, and consultancy industries. Later the company has been renamed to “Stigmata Techno Solutions LLP” in the year 2012.

Maria Lourdu Diana


Mrs. Maria Lourdu Diana having 5+ years of experience specialized in social media analyst. She is expertise in Social Media monitoring by building up keywords to acquire social media data for specific clients, listening day to day social media mentions, perfecting the sentiments and drafting insights, of what is being spoken about the client. Extraction of field-able facts from articles for the entities in the database and creating new profile worthy entities. Secondary research for profiling entities.